Middlesex School


I visited Middlesex School on a rainy, spring day. Despite the damp weather, the students welcomed it after enduring the extended winter. The school is located in the suburb of Concord, Massachusetts, about 40 minutes from Boston. The main buildings of the campus surround a circular drive, which helps to emphasize the inclusive culture that students and faculty described during my visit.


When I met with the Director of Admissions, he described Middlesex as a “small school with big programs.” Because of its size (375 students), there is an emphasis on each individual student. Every week, the teachers, advisors and dorm parents meet to discuss the students and their progress. A sense of community is instilled through the curriculum, the Community Life Program, which addresses diverse topics including leadership and healthy living, and the Chapel program, where seniors talk about their personal experiences and growth at Middlesex.


Students are typically well-rounded and involved in a wide range of activities. In addition to an academically rigorous schedule, students are required to play sports and take visual and performing arts classes their first two years. In fact, almost 1/3 of the students play a musical instrument. Middlesex emphasizes a well-rounded education while providing individual attention in a tight-knit community.

Middlesex SchoolMiddlesex School