The Webb Schools

While many boarding school students choose between a school that is either co-educational or single-gender, The Webb Schools is unique in that it combines separate schools for boys and girls on a single campus. Classes in the 9th and 10th grades are separated for boys and girls while students attend co-ed classes during the 11th and 12th grades.


The campus is in a suburban setting in Claremont, California, less than an hour’s drive from Los Angeles. The school’s location provides many opportunities for the students, including excursions to the city, beaches, museums, outdoor activities, as well as sporting and cultural events. The campus also has an accredited museum on site.

The Webb Schools


During my visit to Webb, the administrators of the school emphasized that one of their goals is to promote lifelong learning amongst the students.  Students are encouraged to challenge themselves not just in the classroom, where learning is discussion-based, but also in activities, clubs, sports, and leadership opportunities. In addition, Webb also has a program called Unbounded Days, allowing students to get out of the typical classroom schedule for one week to explore one of 31 enriching subjects, including a tour of Silicon Valley to conducting research in a genetics lab and studying marine biology in the Channel Islands.

Academically, the school offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum. The majority of Webb graduates go on to top universities and colleges, with 90% of the 2013 class matriculating to the top 10% of colleges in the US. Hence, admission to the school is competitive, with a 25% acceptance rate.

The Webb Schools

With 400 students in the high school, The Webb Schools is one of the larger schools in California. Its strong alumni network, college placement and location make it a top choice for many boarding school applicants.