Even though USC is in the middle on Los Angeles, it definitely has a campus, and huge school spirit. USC’s Trojan is an iconic symbol around campus, and the Division 1 sports are a serious business for the school. USC has the second largest security force in the US, after the secret service, and the security extends beyond campus into the surrounding neighborhoods where upperclassmen live. There are 12,000 bikes on campus each day, since this is a convenient mode of transportation, although it seemed a bit chaotic between classes! USC has some great talent schools, including their cinema school, music school, architecture, art, and a new dance school.

USC is also a very diverse school, boasting the most international students of any US university (including both undergrad and grad students). 12% of undergrads are international, and USC has had strong links to Asia for quite a long time. They have a strong alumni chapter in HK, which is very actively engaged with both alumni and parents of current students.

The alumni network in general was also something stressed during my visit. With over 300,000 alumni, USC grads want to help out their fellow alums, so this is a great resource to tap into.

My tour guide was very well dressed, in Tori Burch shoes, pearls, and a cute shirt and top, and it seems that students are definitely sophisticated and interested in dressing for success even to attend classes. While USC had a reputation for being a party school in the past, the school’s strong academic programs and low acceptance rate (around 20%) make this a quite competitive school with a student body that works hard and knows how to have a good time.

USC’s location in southern California, with great weather, as well as access to great business and entertainment opportunities, makes this a top choice for many students to consider.