Are you considering in giving your child a US education? 

Every parent wants a great education for their children. For many parents in Asia, that includes considering sending your children to the US for part of their education. Thinking about whether boarding school and/or college in the US is a good fit for your child and your family, and understanding the process required to apply and gain acceptance, is extremely important.

Once you have decided to look to the US, there is also the question of when you should start thinking about the process and taking action, and how to support your children and ensure the process is positive instead of stressful. Furthermore, what is the most beneficial time (high school or college) to send your child to the US. This seminar is designed to answer these questions, and provide useful knowledge about the process, in order to clear up misconceptions and help you understand the facts.

Carole Bird, Director of Apply Ivy, will share information to understand the process and discuss how to determine the best time for you and your family to pursue a US education. Join us for a detailed conversation about both the environment at schools as well as the admissions process, including:

  • The US boarding school experience – reasons to send your child and factors to consider when evaluating different schools
  • Exploring various options at the college level – liberal arts colleges, universities, specialty schools (art, design, etc.)
  • The importance of “fit” between a student and a school
  • Trends in boarding school and college admission – specifically for international applicants
  • Key factors admissions committees are looking for in applicants
  • What having a “holistic” admissions review process really means
  • Case studies of actual Hong Kong students (past clients) who have achieved admission to great schools
  • Ways to prepare and timing for each application process

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