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We support both students and parents throughout the entire application process, from school selection and interview preparation to final application review. We work with students to identify schools that are a great fit, and help you demonstrate this through your applications.

Apply Ivy specializes in coaching applicants from Greater China on admission to top colleges and universities. We know how to effectively position your experiences and strengths, differentiating you from other international applicants for maximum impact on admissions committees.

Attending a summer program before embarking on boarding school or college applications can be a great way to get exposure to living and learning in this type of community. We work with students and families to identify appropriate programs, and navigate the application process.

Our Success Stories

Apply Ivy’s experience with college applications was evident in the advice and aid I was given when writing my essays, as each of these was tailored to suit the individual character of each university, while also making sure that my personality shone through. Without their help, I am certain I could not have submitted such strong applications. Thanks to Apply Ivy, I was accepted into Harvard, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania and Cornell. I would staunchly and strongly recommend Apply Ivy’s services, as I am doubtful that I could have achieved what I had without their invaluable counsel and infectious enthusiasm!

I did not really know which universities I wanted to apply to and I had this mindset that I would not be able to apply to top schools in America due to my low SAT scores. But Apply Ivy has made me realize that the American application process views beyond numbers. I have received offers from top universities such as UCLA, NYU and Wesleyan University. Apply Ivy helps you, always looking at the bright side of things (which is one of the main reasons why I like working with them as they are always honest, positive, supportive and give great advice). I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to go to the US to meet with Apply Ivy!

Apply Ivy did a great job helping my daughter through the boarding school application process… they worked closely with her on every aspect, really helping her to distinguish herself through extensive preparation for interviews and essays. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I needed the help of a consultant, but through the process, I realized that my daughter wouldn’t have been able to get into the schools without their help. They were also able to relieve a lot of the stress and uncertainty of the process. Eventually, she was accepted by all of her top choices of schools and she is now near the top of her class in boarding school.

The first thing I did after receiving the Early Decision result from UPenn was to thank Carole and Lillian for their invaluable advice and professional guidance which made my son’s application a successful one. Instead of telling my son what to do, they inspired him by raising a lot of questions and made it a perfect reflection for him to think back what were the most significant things that made him who he is today. To me, they are godsend for us to accomplish one of the most important projects in my son’s life.

Our Consultants

Gerry Chu

Gerry Chu


Gerry is an experienced educational consultant who has worked with numerous students to successfully gain admission to top boarding schools, universities and graduate programs. He served as an alumni interviewer for Northwestern University for over 12 years and worked as a brand manager and marketer for 10 years at companies including Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle and Activision. Most recently, he was head of Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions.

Carole Bird

Carole Bird


Carole has lived and worked in Hong Kong since 2004, and joined Apply Ivy as a Senior Admissions Consultant in 2008, taking over as Director in 2013. She has conducted many seminars in Hong Kong on strategies for gaining admission to boarding school and undergraduate programs, and frequently travels to the US to visit schools and speak with admissions officers.

Sarah Parks

Sarah Parks

Senior Consultant

Sarah graduated from Columbia University in 2014 with a degree in East Asian Languages and Cultures, focusing on Chinese language. She also completed one year of intensive Mandarin language training at Peking University in Beijing before earning her master’s degree at the University of Cambridge in Chinese Studies.

Before joining Apply Ivy, Sarah worked in Beijing for a leading Chinese e-commerce company and a popular internet media platform. While working in Beijing, she discovered her passion for education after successfully helping a student get accepted to her dream university. When working with students, Sarah is a strong believer in the importance of “fit” and very much enjoys helping each and every student applying to both boarding school and university reach their full potential!

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