Free summer program E-booklet

Expand your horizons

While it’s a time for students to relax and have fun, it’s also an important time to build their Student Profile and strengthen their future college applications. 

This free e-booklet is intended to provide ideas for potential summer programs that:

  • are enriching and spark interest in different subjects
  • enhance students’ college applications
  • provide valuable experiences that expand students’ perspectives

Why are summer programs important?

With college admissions becoming increasingly competitive each year, it’s become more important than ever for high school students to build up their Student Profile with activities and experiences outside of the classroom. College applications are where students can explain their interests, what they have done to pursue those interests, and how that relates to what they want to do in college. Summer is an ideal time to participate in activities that will add to the narrative that students are telling through their applications.

Why now?

As we enter the second half of the academic year, now is the time to plan ahead and apply for summer programs. Most selective programs have opened up applications in January and the expectation is that many families will be considering in-person programs for their kids after Covid travel restrictions over the last several years.

What is this?

This E-booklet focuses on summer programs for students in high school, or the last four years of secondary school. While we primarily highlight examples in the US, there are many similar programs that are offered globally, which may be more suitable for your travel needs.

Why Apply Ivy?

The purpose of this overview is to help you start planning ahead and begin thinking about different options that may be the best option for you and your family. At Apply Ivy, we advise our students to make the most out of their summers through programs and activities that make the greatest impact on their future college applications.