Supplementary Services

Apply Ivy offers a range of supplementary
services on request. These include:

Essay Writing Support

Suitable for students applying to all higher education undergraduate programs that require essays and personal statements

Interview Preparation

Suitable for students applying to all education programs that have interviews as part of the application process

TSA Support

Suitable for students applying to Oxford and Cambridge
We tailor our supplementary services to the needs of the individual student. These services are designed to fill the gaps in a student’s profile and add a final polish to an application. Following an initial consultation, we will advise students on what support would be most beneficial.

Please note, while supplementary services are excellent as the final stage of preparation ahead of an imminent application and certainly give you an edge on the competition, they do not replace our comprehensive admissions service. In our experience, comprehensive support represents the best way to ensure that you submit the best possible applications.


  • You need help writing your personal statements and essays.
  • Your applications are close to being completed, but you would like some additional help in areas such as identifying additional schools to apply to, essay writing, or TSA support.
  • Your application is already in, and you’ve received an invitation to interview.
  • You haven’t started the application process or you are applying for entry in 2024 or beyond.
  • You haven’t chosen where you’ll be applying.
  • You are applying to a more specialized program and/or you aren’t sure where to start with the application process.