Kent School


Kent School is a medium sized boarding school in northwestern Connecticut. Kent School stands out for a few reasons: their location, their Pre-E program, and their religious affiliation.


Kent’s location, right along the river, affords nice views from some dorms and classrooms, and is also a great venue for their strong crew (rowing) team. While Kent is also in a small New England town, there is a train station a few miles away, with regular train service to New York City (2 hour journey).

Kent School


Kent also has a unique Pre-E program, that is for budding engineers to really learn more about the subject so that they can make informed choices when applying to college. This program requires students to take specific courses and undertake summer research in a STEM field.

Kent School


Finally, Kent is an Episcopal school, with chapel twice a week, two required theology classes to graduate, and required religious service on weekends. Kent is open and accepting of students of all faiths, so long as they are open to religion.

Kent School


As I toured the school, people kept saying hello to me on the paths, and they stressed the collaborative feeling on campus. Kent has a number of strong sports teams (crew and others), and students are required to try out for a competitive sport (even if they don’t make it, the experience of trying is emphasized). Kent also has a strong music program, with a recording studio on campus and choruses regularly attending competitions.