Holderness School


One of the unique things about Holderness School that was noticeable during my visit is how active everyone is. Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, about 2 hours north of Boston, winter sports and activities are an integral part of life at the school. While students don’t have to be athletes, it helps to have an appreciation for outdoors activities. Many of the kids are avid skiers/snowboarders and hiking and camping opportunities are abundant, with most kids participating in an 11-day hiking and camping trip during their junior year.


Holderness is a smaller boarding school with 280 students. It is a welcoming community where everyone knows and greets each other around campus. In the classroom, almost all classes are discussion-based, requiring participation from all students. Outside of the classroom, there is an emphasis on personal development. All students participate in the work program, which typically involves chores around campus. Through the work program, juniors and seniors are rewarded with leadership opportunities.

Students that are interested in a welcoming environment and a well-rounded boarding school experience with a lot of exposure to outdoor and winter activities should consider Holderness School.

Holderness SchoolHolderness School