Concord Academy

Concord Academy is a boarding school located in the Boston suburb of Concord, Massachusetts. The campus location is unique in that it is a 5-minute walk down the street from the heart of Concord, a quaint and historic town. The town essentially serves as an extension of the campus, which is smaller, compared to the average boarding school and the town center has a variety of shops and restaurants that the students frequent. The school has an open campus policy, which gives students freedom to leave campus and walk to town in their free time.

Concord has created a culture that is very tight-knit. This was evident as I toured the school, with kids studying and working together everywhere I went. Since boarding students don’t go to their dorm rooms during the day and the campus isn’t spread out, everyone, including boarding students, day students and faculty, knows and interacts with each other. Dormitories are converted houses that have a home-like feel. There is also a school-wide meeting every morning during the week.

Concord Academy is a great school for students that are independent yet looking for a tight-knit community and an academically challenging environment.

Concord AcademyConcord Academy