Hotchkiss School


The Hotchkiss School is located on a beautiful campus in a rural part of northwestern Connecticut. The school has it’s own golf course and overlooks a lake (and as a result Hotchkiss boasts strong sailing and golf teams).


One unique aspect of Hotchkiss’s curriculum is that the humanities are linked during the first two years, so you are with the same small class of students across four classes (English, history, philosophy/ theology, and art). This develops a strong bond within the class, and students generally all talk about the close relationships and friendships they quickly form with other students upon becoming students at Hotchkiss.

Hotchkiss School


The campus at Hotchkiss is quite large and spread out, so students get a good amount of exercise traversing campus. The rural location also doesn’t have great mobile phone coverage, which according to my tour guide, makes students more social with each other, as they chat with friends on the paths around campus, rather than having their heads buried in their phones (she did assure me that there’s good wifi in all dorms and school buildings).

Hotchkiss School

Performing Arts

In addition to strong sports, and impressive sports facilities, art and music are also popular and well-regarded at Hotchkiss. Chorus and orchestra rehearsals are held during the academic day, so the rehearsals don’t conflict with sports practices, which enables students to be involved in a wide variety of activities.

Hotchkiss also has a wide range of study abroad options, from spring break service trips to full academic years abroad. And with nearly 20% international students, Hotchkiss has a strong emphasis on global community and cultural awareness.