During my visit to Kimball Union Academy (KUA), a number of things stood out to me. First, the campus is beautifully maintained, with impressive sports fields and buildings. Second, their scholars programs allow students to highlight their interests and talents through a 2-year program (they currently have arts scholars, global scholars, and they are adding a technology scholars program). Third, the emphasis on leadership and developing students who are healthy, happy, safe, and successful was evidenced in variety of ways – both curricular, as well as through talk from teachers of modeling vulnerability and confidence, and through a school theme for each year group.

There was a strong school spirit in evidence across the campus, and also a sense that students within the community are willing to take risks in a variety of different ways. Some study abroad in locations they choose, some are creating art in unique ways, some are collaborating with professors at Dartmouth College (which is nearby), some are trying a sport they have never done before.

As the head of school said during our visit, “families fall in love with the school once they get on campus”, and I think a visit to KUA is a must for anyone considering this school.