Lehigh University is not for the faint of heart – it’s built on a hill, so you will definitely get exercise walking around campus, and it also emphasizes an active, hands-on education that challenges students.



Lehigh has a strong engineering program, that about 1/3 of students are part of, as well as about 1/3 of students pursuing business and economics degrees. The remaining third are either within the college of arts and sciences, or in intercollegiate programs. Lehigh offers 20 combined degrees, so if you are looking for an innovative, cross-disciplinary major (such as business and engineering, or computer science and business), you should give Lehigh a close look.

In addition to academics, school spirit runs high, and their long and storied rivalry with Lafayette College is a source of pride (this includes not just football and other sporting events, but a whole week of activities to come together as a community and build enthusiasm among students). Their school spirit is also seen in the active role of alumni, returning to campus, and serving as mentors to help students find jobs and internships.

The school seems to attract students who really love the school, and can’t imagine themselves anywhere else. Admissions make a strong point of saying they want to build meaningful relationships with applicants, and they are looking for applicants who are interested in exploring different perspectives, making a difference, and getting involved on campus and in the community.