During my recent visit to New Hampton School with a group of education consultants, we were met by the school mascot “Husky” upon our arrival who was ready to give each of us a high five. Next, the team of tour guides who showed us around had devised an “Amazing Race” for us to follow throughout the tour, so that we had to answer questions at each stop on the tour. This set the tone for the visit, of a school that is fun-loving, competitive in a collaborative way, and innovative.

New Hampton offers the IB DP (about 20% of students pursue this, while about 80% of students take at least one IB course, so there is flexibility here and students are encouraged to focus on skill development and mastery. The curriculum overall is very innovative and individualized, with the aim of developing lifelong learners who will be active, global citizens. Based on the students I met during the tour (one who was interning at NASA this summer), I think they are fulfilling this promise.