Stevenson School


It’s easy to see why the location and campus of Stevenson School make it so unique. The school is located in Pebble Beach, world renowned for its golf courses. Entering Pebble Beach itself has a feeling of exclusivity, with visitors having to pass through a security gate to enter the area. After driving past the picturesque golf courses along the scenic 17-Mile Drive, the beautiful campus does not disappoint.


Its location is an integral part of the Stevenson education, with students encouraged to participate in athletics and outdoor activities to balance academic achievement. All students are required to participate in a physical activity each term and one team sport each year for their first two years. The school also offers an outdoor education program, including rock-climbing, mountaineering and kayaking that takes place after school and on the weekends, as well as an 11-day wilderness expedition for sophomores (Grade 10). These activities are two examples of ways Stevenson helps students develop teamwork and leadership skills.

One of the things that my tour guide appreciated about Stevenson is the balance of independence and guidance. Students have the freedom to choose their own curriculum (while still fulfilling requirements) and activities, yet they still receive direction and supervision from their student advisors, whom they meet every 2-3 weeks.

With 520 students in the high school, Stevenson School is one of the larger boarding schools on the West Coast. It is a great school for students comfortable in a larger-school setting.

Stevenson SchoolStevenson School