Westminster School


On an unseasonably cold, wet day in April, I stepped onto the Westminster campus in Simsbury, CT. However, the feeling I had during my entire visit was warm and welcoming. This small school (about 400 students) has the motto “Grit and Grace”, and this seems to be something that is not just a motto on paper, but something that is woven into the culture of the school, and that students take pride in. Grit can be something that’s developed on the playing fields, in the art studio, or in the classroom. And grace is also something that comes through in various ways, whether during sit down dinners, students holding doors for others (I saw this a few times during my tour), or regular conversations with advisors.


The dorms (which are very nice and well-maintained) and other buildings surround a green lawn, so it’s inevitable you’ll bump into classmates throughout the day. There’s also a chapel in the center of campus, where the entire school comes together a number of times a week for “chapel talks” by the older students and other members of the community and guests.


Westminster is a great school for kids who want to try something new, be taken out of their comfort zone, and be involved. It’s also close to Hartford, which has good transport options, and strong interaction between students and faculty. I look forward to returning to Westminster again in the future.