When people think of applying to US boarding schools, they often assume that starting the application process in the Fall of the preceding year leaves them enough time. It is important to consider that quite a bit of preparation goes into a successful boarding school application. The reality is that students should start now to properly tackle all of the application components. 

Here are 5 reasons to start early:

  1. Lower the stress involved in making applications with tight deadlines by building a comprehensive understanding of the schools and their admission requirements. 
  2. Have sufficient time to prepare for the SSAT and take it more than once for best results. Summer is a great time to take prep courses. Register for the scheduled examinations ahead of time.
  3. Take advantage of the summer and gain meaningful experiences to enrich the student’s profile. These can lead to stories of personal growth and insights that are meaningful in admission interviews and essays.
  4. Attending admissions talks and information sessions when school representatives visit Hong Kong in the fall. Some schools also conduct interviews with prospective students. Plan ahead of time to make sure you’re meeting these important appointments. Because of travel restrictions, many schools will have online information sessions in the fall. 
  5. Many families would take a week or two during October or Chinese New Year to visit boarding schools in person. Due to the virus, in-person visits may not be possible, but many schools offer virtual tours on their website. Virtual tours are a great way to see if your child is a good fit to the school environment and culture.

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