Carole Gerry seminar

The process of applying to US colleges and universities is a long and involved one, which is why many students and their families find it beneficial to work with a independent educational consultant (IEC). For families considering whether to work with an IEC, here are some reasons we feel this is beneficial for students and their families.

  1. We work 1:1 with students (and their families) throughout the process – Most schools have some counselors (depending on the school, the counselor’s knowledge of US schools may vary, and the number of students they work with also varies. We think counselors do a great job of helping students, but they serve more in a “teacher” role, with many students to work with, and in many cases many countries to advise students about. We are more similar to a “tutor”, in that we work one on one with students, getting to know their individual needs and preferences, we mentor and guide them throughout the years leading up to the applications, and we work closely with them throughout the application process.
  2. We’re unbiased – We don’t represent any specific schools or universities, so we focus on helping students to find schools that will be great fits for them, and this is different for each student.
  3. Expert knowledge, from firsthand experience – Each year all Apply Ivy consultants travel to the US to visit schools, attend industry conferences, and meet with admissions professionals. We are constantly updating our knowledge so that we are giving our clients up to date information about the schools they are considering.
  4. We are US natives – We understand the culture of the US, and the subtleties between different areas of the country, different school settings, and many schools
  5. Deep Hong Kong knowledge – We understand Hong Kong schools, and what US admissions committees are looking for from students here. We also help students stand out from other strong applications from HK and the Asia region.
  6. We hold ethics in high regard – All Apply Ivy consultants belong to IECA, which is a professional organization that requires us to sign an ethics agreement each year. We work closely with our students to help them succeed, while also maintaining high ethical standards.
  7. We are responsive – We know that questions come up throughout the process, and we are committed to responding to all emails and phone calls within 24 hours (often sooner!). We also limit the number of students that we work with so that we can be responsive, especially during key times before application deadlines and interviews, so you can be assured we will have time to meet with you and respond to all communication.