We recently provided tips for a winning university interview that were published on Whizpa.com.

Tip 1: Take the interview

Most schools don’t have an interview requirement, but some do have the option. If a school you are applying to has the option for an interview, take it. Usually an interview will help your application by adding a personal dimension to what you have submitted on “paper.” This will help you to stand out further.

Tip 2: Do your research

Do your homework and research the school. Know why you are applying to the school. It is important to convey the reasons you are interested in attending that particular school. Be as specific as possible, whether it is a major that school offers, a professor you are interested in learning from or unique aspects of the school culture. It is always good to demonstrate your interest by doing research online, visiting the school and talking to current and past students.

Tip 3: Consider your contribution

Most students focus on what they will get out of a given school. Remember to also consider why you will be a good fit for the school. It is important to clarify how you will contribute to the community.

Tip 4: Be clear and concise

Prepare to have clear and concise answers to commonly asked questions such as: a) Why do you want to attend this school? b) What are you looking to gain from your college experience? c) What are your goals for college and beyond? d) What are you interested in studying and why? Writing down your responses helps to visualize and clarify your responses.

Tip 5: Balance your tone

Remember that this is your chance to share your accomplishments and your unique story. Many interviewees worry about sounding boastful. There is a way to balance the tone of how you communicate the things that set you apart without bragging, which is something we go over with our clients.

Tip 6: Express your excitement

Bring energy to the interview. Express your interest and excitement about applying to the school and wanting to learn as much as you can about it while sharing your unique story and why you would be a great addition to the school.

Tip 7: Make a good first impression

Last but not least, make a good first impression. Dress nicely in either business or business casual attire. Greet your interviewer with good posture, eye contact and a smile with a firm hand shake. After the interview, thank the interviewer for their time and get their contact email so that you can thank them again afterwards.