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Demystifying UCAS Applications

How do UCAS Applications Work?   The UK does admissions differently to the US. While the UCAS application process has similarities to it’s US counterpart, its nuances, intricacies, and key points are unique. So much so that we have our own, dedicated UK Admissions Consultant, Brian Wong. If continuing your education in the UK is […]

Life At Cheltenham Ladies College

We think the best way to know what life is like at a British boarding school is to hear about it directly from a former student! We spoke to Olivia, who studied at Cheltenham Ladies College in Gloucestershire, England. What was the main thing you learnt during your time at Cheltenham Ladies College? The school […]

It’s Time to Start Planning for Your US Boarding School Applications!

Are you considering sending your child to a boarding school in the US?   With US boarding school deadlines almost a year away, it might seem a long way off in the distance, but it’s already time to start getting applications sorted. The application process can seem overwhelming, and we sympathize! After all, we’ve got […]


The mornings and evenings have a chill in the air and people are huddling around heaters. That can only mean one thing. Christmas is on its way and with it, Winter school breaks. While most of us are ready to switch off the school brain and launch headfirst into the holidays, it might be a […]

Your First Term at British University – What to Expect

Choosing where to study is a big decision! The places you go, the things you do, and the people you meet will change the course of your future. While you can learn all about course offerings from a university prospectus, the reality is that’s not the whole story! So, today we’re breaking down what you […]

Feel at Home at a UK University

If you’re considering attending a university in the UK, you are not alone. 3% of the international student population in Britain is from Hong Kong, and it’s easy to see why. As a student in Hong Kong, you’ve been learning to speak English since childhood and you may already have some British ex-pat friends – […]

Beyond The SAT/ACT: The Essay Portion and Subject Tests – Should You Take Them?

Our previous post delved into the meaning behind “test-optional” policies that universities are transitioning to in response to COVID-19. But that’s not all – the admissions landscape is more than just one standardized test that strives to assess a range of applicants’ academic capabilities. In recent years, many universities, including the most selective ones, have already […]

College Applications During COVID-19

You may have heard that the SAT and ACT (standardised tests required for entering into most American colleges) June exams are cancelled due to public health restrictions. Both exams have announced they would offer online, at-home formats of the examination in the coming fall if in-person testing remains unfeasible. Given these testing cancellations and school […]

5 Tips for US University Interviews

We recently provided tips for a winning university interview that were published on Whizpa.com. Tip 1: Take the interview Most schools don’t have an interview requirement, but some do have the option. If a school you are applying to has the option for an interview, take it. Usually an interview will help your application by adding […]