Pepperdine University sits on a hill in Malibu, CA overlooking the ocean. On the day I visited, it was cloudy, and everyone was apologizing for the bad weather, but the campus was still beautiful.

Pepperdine is a school with a strong religious affiliation, Church of Christ that is open to students of all faiths, so long as they are open to conversations around faith. Some of things that help Pepperdine students connect to faith are the spiritual life advisors in each dorm, the convocation series, with over 100 programs going on each semester, in which students need to attend at least 14, religion classes in Old and New testament, and campus ministry.


One thing that differentiates Pepperdine from other schools is that 2/3 of students go away during their sophomore year. Pepperdine has programs in seven locations around the world that are owned and operated by Pepperdine, so you can take general education requirements at each location. This allows students to of any major to study abroad, and it seems to be something that helps students bond with each other.

Another thing that is helpful for students who aren’t sure what they want to major in, is that all undergrads apply to Seaver College, and they don’t admit by major, so you can make up your mind once you are a student about what you want to major in, including business.

Pepperdine University was a really friendly campus in a great location with students who really seem to care about their community and giving back.