The mornings and evenings have a chill in the air and people are huddling around heaters. That can only mean one thing. Christmas is on its way and with it, Winter school breaks.

While most of us are ready to switch off the school brain and launch headfirst into the holidays, it might be a good time to start laying foundations for your future education plans. Have you got your sights set on a school or university in the United States, United Kingdom or Canada? If the answer is yes, why not take the time this winter break to get started on the application process. 

There is an old saying that reads 

“Success begins when the world is asleep.” 

While we should use the holiday time to relax and unwind, it’s also a great opportunity to get a head start while your peers are relaxing. The fact is, many students start working with us years before they apply to school. These early years are sometimes the most crucial because they set the direction of your academic career. When we get to connect with students early, we can help guide you to explore your interests, goals, and ideal school environment in a way that ensures you’re making decisions and building experiences that will enhance your applications when you do apply. Your academic and activities resume is a work-in-progress and our team are the best people to work with when it comes to building an impressive resume to submit your best possible school application. Building a great one takes time, which is why starting early is a good idea. This is especially true when it comes to long-term strategic goals like developing impressive achievements across your academic and extra-curricular experiences.

If you don’t know exactly which school you intend to apply to, we can help you discover the best fit for you too. Our team is skilled at helping students build a list of schools or colleges that will work best for them and by having this list, you are well on your way to finding a school that will help you thrive. 

We don’t just dish out advice, we take our own advice too. While you’ve been focusing on your studies this year, we have not been resting on our laurels. We have been diligently checking in with admissions officers to ensure we are up-to-date and familiar with the admissions trends. We also meet with admissions officers to understand what they are looking for in strong applicants. Our students have gained admission to top colleges, universities, and boarding schools across the US, UK, and Canada since 2006.

What about Summer Programs?

Have you given them some thought? It’s never too early to start planning ahead. Summer programs give you a taste of what university life will be like and having participated in these programs also gives you an edge in your applications. Use the holidays to think about which summer program you’d like to attend, especially considering the fact that many summer programs start accepting applications in December. 

Our summer program assistance helps students to identify their goals so they know exactly which direction they want to be heading in. We work with you to understand your objectives and advise you on things to consider and specific areas for you to focus on. 

If 2020 has taught us anything its to expect the unexpected.

Our plans may change and we may have to make adjustments but the best thing we can do is to be as prepared as possible so when surprises come which they always do, we are not too shaken. 

Application dates may change and they may close earlier than expected or take longer to process. From your perspective, it’s important that you are organised and ready as early as possible so you are never at a disadvantage if these changes do crop up.

As the holiday season gently settles in, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those students who have allowed us to work with them and help achieve their successes. It’s been quite a year for us all, despite the many challenges we have had to face. Much of the success we have achieved is due to organization and early planning on the part of our students and team together. That’s why we appeal to students to use the holiday period productively. Use this time to consider your academic trajectory and where you would like to end up. We can certainly help you get there. Direction is so much more important than speed.

We sincerely look forward to working closely with cherished and new students in the coming year and helping them to achieve their academic dreams.

May your holidays and New Year be filled with joy.