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Are your children thinking about applying to US boarding schools, colleges, or universities? Do you have questions about how to best support them and ensure the process is thoughtful instead of stressful?

Going to school in the United States is an intensely enriching, exciting educational experience. Finding a school that’s a good fit for your child can help ensure they are happy and thriving in their ideal environment. Getting admitted requires navigating a complex, multi-faceted process that differs from admissions in most other countries.

Carole Bird and Gerry Chu of Apply Ivy will share information to understand the process and strategies to maximise your child’s chance of admission. Join us to learn more about the environment at schools as well as the admissions process.

For parents with children in Upper Primary and Secondary School. Both parents and their children are welcome to attend.

Join Us!

When: Thursday, May 21, 6:30pm-8pm

Where: Kids’ Gallery, 21/F Coda Plaza, Central

Cost: Free